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"Hot points" of Bendery

"Hot points" of Bendery

The Bendery environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO) "Pelican" and "Ecospectrum"- members of the International Association the River Keepers "Eco-TIRAS" - investigated the town. Now deputies of the Bendery town council are interested in their explorations. As more so, the third sector offered them not only recommendations, but also its help.

To die of thirst over the river

The death of thirst over the river will threaten all the Transnistrian cities in 5-6 years. An average adult needs 2,5 liter per day. One man drinks nearly 55 tons of water in 60 years - the whole sistern. Water is more important than bread. We can live 1 month without food. But we hardly exist 3 days without water. It seems you can simply open the faucet in the kitchen for getting water. But this would be impossible soon. Water-pipes and drainage are out of repair now. They are eaten away with rust. Almost all the pipes need changing. Their length is about 200-240 kilometers. About 30-35 per cent of water is lost during transportation. And the things are going from bad to worse. - We live on the volcano, - the environmentalists of Bendery consider. - We would leave without water in few years without reconstruction of water-supply and sewerage.

And the Moon will fall on the Earth

Rubbish will be sent to the Moon. They say these plans are seriously discussed in some countries. There is no place for litter on the Earth. Only 450 thousand tons of litter and 252 thousand tons of industrial waste are produced annually in Transnistria. Beside all 1 million tons of industrial waste are preserved at the factories of this region. Scrap-heap for it doesn't not exist at all. In that time dumps for the domestic litter are overfilled. The new one for Bendery has already been building for seven years because it is lacking money. The worse of all that the "waste problem" needs solution over and over again. The new dump will be full very soon. The town will have to find another place and money for the new one. As the matter of fact that this method of the utilization of rubber was good for the old times. Since then litter is stored in deep pits mixed with the layers of ground. Many years ago waste decomposed for the short time without any problems. But now it is of another quality. Traditional micro-organisms are weak for new materials. A tin is destroyed for 80 years, plastic - for 500 years, glass - for 100 years. These dumps also damage the environment. Their poison content soaks into the underground water and then into the Dniester. The ecologists of Bendery offered solution of "waste problem" that has tasted in the world. Rubbish can give income. Of course, it isn't the news. In the USA 158 small electric power stations work using waste. They supply with electricity about 70 000 buildings. Now the deputies of the Bendery town council in league with the town ecologists prepare the program of management of waste.

Can we take a deep breath?

80 per cent of discharges, contaminating the atmosphere of Bendery, belong to the auto transport. The town factories don't work. Instead of them the air is poisoned by cars. These are old models produced abroad. But the pollution may be reduced. For example, it should be remembered such a simple measure as "a green wave". - Moving on speed 60 kilometers an hour a car comes from one light signal to another in a wave of green light, - the representative of the Foundation of nature protection Victor Petrenko said. Another problem: filling stations are situated in the dense inhabited districts of the town. The following "hot points": a lot of cars move via Bendery. Solution of the problem is a detour road. The NGOs of Bendery explored the town "hot points". But they consider their mission to be wider. They are ready to help town administration.

Natalia Barbier.


Spontaneous dumps at streets and daily breakdowns of underground communications got under attention of Bendery NGOs.

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