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Summer school

The summer school in the village Stroentsy on the Dniester left bank has already been conducting for three years. The participants are the school children from both Transnistria and Moldova. This year 32 lucky Transnistrian boys and girls were chosen from towns Rybnitsa, Dubossary, Bendery, Tiraspol, Dnestrovsk and villages Chobruchi, Nezavertajlovka, Pervomajsk. The same quantity of the youngsters has come from Moldova. The selection of participants was realized by ecological nongovernmental organizations of these settlements which entered the International Association of River Keepers "Eco-TIRAS". The main principle was the active participation of youth in the work of School Research society, school ecological detachment and other achievements.

The contest was great. The summer school in Stroentsy is famed as real "Harvard in nature" during previous two years.

You can not only strengthen your health or train your body in the walking about picturesque places but to listen to lectures of high qualified teachers of Kishinev and Tiraspol universities and Academy of Science of Moldova. The lessons went off just in the forest, on the slopes of the Dniester bank where there are many species of plants, insects and other creatures.

Such meetings are the best gift for the children desiring knowledge of the protection of our nature.


After big walking "tourist dad" Nikolai Vizitiu prepared Russian-baths on the Dniester bank.

Biology doctor Galina Shabanova makes botanist lecture.

Biology philosopher doctor Igor Shubernetskii makes hydrobiology lecture.

Biology doctor Elena Zubkova makes hydrochemical lecture.


Guests from America Kathy and Christine were representatives of the River Keepers of the Red River of the North from the American State of North Dakota which is situated at the boundary between the USA and Canada. They get the river ribbon from the Dniester River with the ask to develop the interest to the Dniester in the USA and promised that soon it will be adopted a decision to proclame the Red River of the North and the Dniester the sister rivers. People from both river basins already established inter-connections to promote the rivers values in frames of the joint project of the Bendery and US museums cooperation supported by the American Association of Museums. Museums & Communities Collaboration Abroad (MCCA) is a Program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State in partnership with the American Association of Museums.
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